The Sherpa

Here is one of my best creations.  I call it the Sherpa.  I was inspired by the Sherpa (Tibetan for “eastern people,” from shar “east” + pa “people”)  which are an ethnic group of people from the mountainous regions located in the Himalayas.  They survive cold conditions every day, and many times you see them wearing bulky hats that come down over the ears.  They sometimes have tassles on the top and off the earflaps.

The following hat is a one-of-a-kind hat.  The outside of the hat is made of wool yarn.  Also, I used a flannel shirt that I bought at a department store to line the inside of the hat.  This Sherpa is one of the warmest hats you will ever wear and is equally as comfortable. 

If you would like to order a Sherpa, send me a message on this page.  They cost $30.00 USD.  Coming soon! I will have a page on the right-side column that will direct you in future orders for hats like this.


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