About Me


My name is John V.

I like to make a lot of things.  There is not really anything that I don’t like to make.  If it is hand-made or home-made, then I will make it John-made.  From crochet to paper mache, from cooking to scrapbooking, no matter what it is, I’ll try it gee whiz.  I like things made from scratch.  I like things made from a batch.  I like to recycle, and I love to upcycle.  I like making things for myself but I love making things for other selves.  If it is made and fun, count me in; I’m done.  I don’t know how else to put it.  I like to make a lot of things.

Shaping, making, sculpting, building, cooking, baking, icing, filling, photo-shooting, designing, creating, arranging, gluing, pottery painting, filming, hooking, looping, molding, twisting, cutting, paper-folding.  These are things I like to do.  Maybe I can make something for YOU.  If you see something that you want me to make, then send me a message for heaven’s sake. 

I hope that you enjoy this site.  Send me a comment if you think it’s alright.

Again I say my name is John V.  Have a good day, to you from me.


John V.


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