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January 21, 2011

I have recently joined the ranks of a website called Ravelry.  It came as a result of me trying to knit a pair of gloves.  I was having major problems with the knitting technique.  After all I am new to this art.  So I solicited the help of my friend Brandy who is a knitting guru.  She is amazing! Anyway, I shouted out to her on Facebook and she replied literally within 5 minutes with links to videos and other website.  She later directed me to Ravelry where I became a member. 

Now.  With all that said, I joined Ravelry which a website dedicated to crochet and knit art.  There are tons of patterns, forums and tips for you to hone your skills in the craft of yarn.  I am also a member of lion brand’s  website which is great for learning the arts with helpful videos and articles.  The only problem I have with lion brand is that their patterns are generaly lame and old fashioned.  Ravelry offers patterns that are up-to-date and more modern. 

Also, the interface is very user friendly.  It is easy to navigate.  You can easily find the pattern that you looking for in no time.  Unlike other websites where you have to read endless numbers of links before you find the one you’re looking for, this site allows you to narrow your search with criteria such as garment type, knit or crochet, whether the pattern is free or you have to pay for it and whether the pattern has photo with it.  Finally the best part of the site is it is completely free. 

So get off your tails and sign up for Ravelry!