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Clown Mask

October 4, 2010

So I was experimenting with some crochet techniques.  I decided that I wanted to make a mask.  Initially I wanted to crochet a Luche Libre mask, the kind you see in Mexican wrestling.  Actually, in high school I took a mission’s trip to Mexico.  While I was there I purchased one of these masks.  It was black with gold trim.  It was a cool mask but it was confiscated because it resembled the devil or something like that.  So, fast forward twelve years.  Usually when I make a prototype, I make it out of white yarn.  The more I crocheted this mask the more, I felt it needed to be a clown mask.  It was close to Halloween and I knew this would be extra creepy.  So I crocheted this mask, and it turned out just as I thought it would…creepy.  I have to keep it locked in a chest because my wife hates it so much.

I don’t have a pattern yet for it but it was pretty simple.  I crocheted a simple mask out of white yarn.  Then, I crocheted a ball out of red yarn.  I stopped short of finishing the ball so that I could attach it where the nose goes.  Then I crocheted the eyes.  This was challenging because I basically freestyled until they fit into the eyeholes.  Finally I simply tied strands of yarn around the head to make the hair.  Keep checking in because I will get to making this pattern eventually, especially if there is demand for it.