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Gauze Man Costume

October 24, 2010

Every year around Halloween time, I participate in what is called a Mystery Bus Tour.  Basically, people board a bus without prior knowledge of where the bus is going to stop…hence the name “Mystery.”  It is a fundraising event put on by the nonprofit organization Hemophilia of Indiana which advocates and educates members of the bleeding disorder community.  This year the Tour was scheduled the week before Halloween.  Naturally, it was encouraged to dress for the occasion.  They were giving out prizes for the different categories, and the one that I was shooting for was Best Hemophilia Related Costume.  I have hemophilia so it only felt proper.  Initially I chose to go as a piece of gauze, which is commonly used by hemophiliacs to soak up/stop bleeding.  Then it evolved into Gauze Man, the hemophiliac superhero.  Needless to say I won the prize. 

Now the costume was simply made out of white fleece and cheese cloth draped over a dowel rod and secured with white yarn and white duct tape.  I cut a hole out for my head.  I then printed out a red blood drop with the letter G in it and used two-sided tape to secure it to the chest of the costume (not shown in the ** photos below).  I then crocheted a hat out of red yarn and made it in the shape of a blood drop.  Finally I finished the costume with some white socks and red shorts. Voila! GAUZE MAN!

** I sincerely apologize if these photos have scarred you for life.